Our history

Macchi Serafino was founded, grew and developed in Oggiona con S.Stefano near Milan.
Handcraft tradition and business culture of the Industrial District and Family business cherished the Company from 1885 until today.
Original handcraft and manual milling manufacture left place to a more modern industrial production, thanks to automation and process modernization, continuing the Family tradition in the name of growth and technology but keeping attention to details and quality.
Macchi Serafino produces smokers articles and several acrylic articles for international market: Europe, Usa, Canada, Korea, Australia e Japan and continue the Company development applying Laser technology and robotics to its production.



Acrylic mouthpieces are the traditional Company products.
Produced with black or colored Acrylic/Lucite material, Macchi Serafino’s mouthpieces complement the Classical and Modern Pipes worldwide sold.
The Company Supplies to Customers mouthpieces Tapper or Saddle, round, squared or Fancy Stems with different diameter and total length up to 200 mm. Cigarette Holders long and short in several colors.
Polishing services, flocking and drilling to fulfill any specific request.
The production includes Acrylic bars, Rings in different diameters, shape, thickness and measure.
Standard mouthpieces available in black acrylic/Lucite with diameters 18/17/16 length 75 mm and diameter 18 with length 65.
Nylon Flocks in different measure.
Contact us for further information or to request our catalogue.



Thousand colors of acrylic, new patterns and shapes have applied since 20 years in high level Cutlery.
From Handle to finish product, Macchi Serafino offers technical support to realize your collection.



Nowadays our Production includes Displays, Screens, Covers, Machinery protections and different acrylic sheet working.
Finishing according to customer’s needs.

Green systems

Macchi Serafino takes care of environmental matters. Since 80s removed the voluminous acrylic scraps by packing it in recyclable blocks.
Looking for green and technology solution, during 2011 installed a solar energy system which provides to the factory up to 50% of total factory power energy.